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​Norwegian Seafood Council Restructures Its Marketing Operations in India

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​Norwegian Seafood Council Restructures Its Marketing Operations in India

Due to a significant reduction in funds, The Norwegian Seafood Council has to reduce its global market investments in 2018. As a consequence, the NSCs operations in the Indian market will be restructured, and delivered directly from the headquarters of the Norwegian Seafood Council from spring 2018.

”As part of the Norwegian Seafood Council's key task of developing new markets for Norwegian seafood products, the Seafood Council started a targeted campaign in India in May 2016. However, the next year's cut in budgets implies significant cuts in market investments, and based on thorough assessments and tough priorities, we have concluded that our presence and market efforts in India have to be adjusted. From having a dedicated market manager in India, this work will be delivered from our headquarters from spring 2018”, says Børge Grønbech, Project Risk Manager with the Norwegian Seafood Council.

The Norwegian Seafood Council's Market Manager for India, Yogi Shergill, has since May 2016 made significant efforts to strengthen the seafood trade between Norway and India. During the period, Shergill has worked hard to identify new partners and establish networks to increase knowledge about Norwegian seafood products among Indian companies and decision makers. In addition, Shergill has also strengthened Norwegian exporters' knowledge about the Indian seafood market.

However, the size of the market, strong economic growth and, not least, increasing demand for seafood will make this an important market for Norwegian seafood exports in the future. Thus, the Council will decide on an adjusted approach to the Indian market that safeguards the knowledge and network that have been developed. This provides a good basis for future marketing investments if the funds, market strategy and market situation allow.

Shergill will continue to lead the work in India until the end of April 2018. Subsequently, the work will be managed and delivered from the headquarters of the Norwegian Seafood Council in Norway.


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